Oasis of Peace UK supports Jewish and Palestinian Israeli citizens living together in peace.

Challenging extremism

Promoting diversity, dialogue, education, shared citizenship

Oasis of Peace is the English translation of the name of Neve Shalom (Hebrew) / Wahat al-Salam (Arabic).

Founded by Bruno Hussar, it is situated midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It is a community where Jewish and Palestinian Arab Israeli citizens have lived together in peace for the past 40 years.

Together, they have a unique way of educating their children, teaching them in both languages about each other’s cultures, religions and traditions.

Visit the Village

Come and see the Village for yourself to meet the people and learn about the work.

We are currently planning our next visit for 2015.

Group Visits to the Village

Latest News

A 2-week visit by a British GP to Israel and the West Bank, which included a 4-day stay at Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam and visits to the surrounding area to see some of the anomalies and extraordinary diversity in today's Israel-Palestine.