Based on the ethos of Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam (NSWaS), our mission is to advance social equity and cohesion in both Israel and the United Kingdom.

We fundraise and raise awareness through events, newsletters, presentations, talks, visits of delegates from the Village. We make applications to Trusts, inter-governmental organisations and other bodies to fund particular projects.


The Founder

Father Bruno Hussar (1911-1996)

Born a Jew in Egypt, Bruno Hussar joined the Dominican Order in 1953.

When his work took him to Israel, his experiences of the conflict led him to the vision of creating a place where as co-citizens of Israel, Jews and Arab Palestinians (both Christian and Muslim), would live together, bringing up their families together in peace.

In 1972 the dream became a reality when the first couple came to join him on a barren and waterless hillside.

Bruno Hussar

Father Bruno Hussar, Founder of the Village, in the earliest days of the project

Ethics of the Village

Learning how to resolve complex conflicts


The ethical background of the Village was to create a place of peaceful co-existence between Palestinian and Jewish Israelis of the three Abrahamic faiths. The peace projects, which were established from the earliest days, seek through educational programmes to challenge extremism and to de-radicalise negative elements in Israeli society through dialogue.


Visit the Village

Come and see the Village for yourself to meet the people and learn about the work.


If you are planning to go to Israel in the next few weeks or months, and would like to visit the Village, we can put you in contact with the visit co-ordinator. Contact us.


The Village is located roughly halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


The Village is ideally located for visitors who wish to use it as a centre to explore from. It provides a welcoming place for people from all over Israel as well as other countries. Individuals and families enjoy its simple accommodation, swimming pool (open in the summer months) and walks in the surrounding countryside. Groups also use it for conferences and cultural and spiritual gatherings. Contact


Through a generous donation, the Village now has its own library and study centre.

The beautifully designed building when fully resourced, both with books and technology, will be an outstanding facility for everyone: people within the village and also academics in Israel and globally.



"An Oasis of Peace in a Land of Conflict"

A 10-min presentation of the binational village of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam in Israel. The "Oasis of Peace" is the only community in the country where Palestinians and Jews choose to live, work and raise their children together in equality and mutual respect.


Oasis of Peace UK


Sima Awad
Judge Laurence Brass (Vice Chair)
Sir Andrew Burns KCMG (Chair)
Sarah Burns
Tony Hyams (Hon Treasurer)
Rev Keith McNicol
Michael Mitzman
Jenny Nemko
Ghanem Nuseibeh
Anthony Warshaw (Hon Secretary)


Dr Jack Omer-Jackaman (Executive Director)
Gillian Gruder (Development Executive)


Ahlam Akram
Dr Margaret Brearley
Lady Dyson
Louise Ellman MP
Margaret Fingerhut
Rabbi Helen Freeman
Rabbi Dr David Goldberg
Bruce Kent
Michael Morpurgo OBE
Ghanem Nuseibeh
Sa’ida Nusseibeh
The Baronness Perry of Southwark
Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon
Dr Terry Waite CBE
The Lord Woolf of Barnes
Rabbi Alexandra Wright