We are delighted to announce that the new NSWaS School for Peace's "Advocates for Change" course for young lawyers was launched on February 14th. Oasis of Peace UK was proud to contribute to the funding of this timely and necessary programme.

The School for Peace, recognising that lawyers are often key stakeholders in communities, designed this joint Jewish-Palestinian course to facilitate cooperative projects on legal issues regarding Jewish-Palestinian relations and to inspire promising young lawyers from both communities to pursue human rights as a legal specialism. It has achieved huge success in this regard: 70% of young lawyers who have attended the programme in previous years now specialise in human rights law. The scheme has also produced grarduates who have argued cases before the Israeli Supreme Court.

Oasis of Peace UK wishes the 2019 cohort every success in the programme and in their future careers, and thanks all those in the UK whose donations made this School for Peace programme possible.


Opening day at the 2019 School for Peace "Advocates for Change" course