Dear Friends,        

We write to wish you, our valued supporters, season’s greetings and a very happy and peaceful start to 2019.       

As we near the end of 2018, Oasis of Peace UK marks another year in which it has worked tirelessly to support the community of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam and to advance the causes of peace and equality.

Sadly, this year has been too often characterised by rising global discord and intolerance. Such trends represent a challenge to us all. At Oasis of Peace UK, we are determined to meet this challenge by working even harder to support those whose lived commitment to a common humanity is the best response to the spread of division and hatred.

At this time of year, when peace and goodwill should be uppermost in all our minds, we ask you to support our colleagues in Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam. Every day this extraordinary community offers an example of what is possible when like-minded Jews and Palestinians devote themselves to working together for a shared peace, and to rising above the politics of bitterness and blame.     

As you know, at Oasis of Peace UK we support the community’s educational institutions, such as the Primary School, with its equal numbers of Jewish and Palestinian pupils, where children learn both Hebrew and Arabic, and of both people's traditions and cultures. They learn together, they play together, and they see from an early age that the “other” need not be the enemy; that they can in fact be a lifelong friend.

We also support the famous School for Peace, where Dr Nava Sonnenschein practices arguably the most cutting-edge grassroots dialogue and peace-building work in all Israel. Over 70,000 students have passed through her school, learning non-violent conflict resolution and conducting life-changing cross-cultural encounters. People leave profoundly affected and many have taken their new ethos into the highest echelons of Israeli civil society and activism.

The work of these pioneering, culture-shifting institutions is dependent on the support of well-wishers around the world. We therefore humbly ask you to continue and, if at all possible, to increase your support of Oasis of Peace UK in 2019.

With thanks, and all best wishes,       

Dr Jack Omer-Jackaman

Executive Director


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