In August we brought you news of the busy summer being enjoyed by the Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam School for Peace. With winter just around the corner we are now delighted to bring you an update on the school’s autumn activities.

The school expands its list of university programmes

The academic year began in September with the School for Peace busier than ever, running six university courses with two more starting next semester. This year it has added the Hebrew University and Reichman University (formerly IDC-Herzliya) to its list of partners. We are delighted to welcome Noor Abo Ras to the School for Peace team. Noor, a graduate of previous university and facilitators courses, will coordinate the university programmes.

Dialogue Course, Ruppin College, November

Responding to the events of May 2021

A new course has begun for leaders in mixed cities. The school’s expertise in this field was in great demand following the violence witnessed in Israel's mixed cities in May. Many of the participants are municipal employees and local community leaders and we anticipate that a number of projects will develop from this course which will address important policy issues and bring about needed change.

Weekend of dialogue, Leaders in Mixed Cities Course, November

A new programme for tour guides

The School has also begun a new programme for Jewish and Palestinan tour guides. The course familiarises participants with issues surrounding the conflict and the ways in which current tourist programmes ignore Arab-Palestinian history.

A Tour in the destroyed Palestinian neigborhood of Manshiya, Yafa (Jaffa-Tel Aviv), Tour Guides Course, November

The school supports its graduates and their work 

The autumn has seen a large and impressive array of activity being carried out by the school’s graduates, who remain supported by staff after completion of their School for Peace studies.

A project that focuses on revitalising the Arab history of Jaffa through local street signs held an opening event in October, while graduates of the planners, engineers, and architects programmes held a community meeting in Akko exploring the events of May and addressing how to preserve the residency of the local Arab community. These same graduates have also begun organising tours with the Israel Planners Association. One will address the recognition processes of the unrecognised Bedouin villages, while another will seek to build trust in communities around the issue of the allocation of land being transformed from private to public use. Meanwhile, graduates of the programme for social workers are developing binational, Jewish-Palestinian social work as a field of specialty, in conjunction with academics from the Schools of Social Work at Haifa University and Ruppin College.Very excitingly, the new Dr. Nava Sonnenschein Prize- launched in honour of the school’s previous director and current staff member- has been announced to celebrate inspirational and exemplary action carried out by a graduate.

Launching event of Yafa Street Names Project with its 3 initiators, Jaffa, October