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Putting our Charity into your Will is a way of ensuring that Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam's work continues into the years ahead. Whatever you leave to us will be free of Inheritance Tax. Your solicitor can explain the various options and help you draw up your Will

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Within your own area you can organise an event, such as a concert, to the scale that you feel you can successfully manage. We can send you information packs to support anything you wish to do.

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Visit the Village

Visit the Village

The House of Silence in the Village

Come and see the Village for yourself to learn more about the life and work there. Either go on your own or join our next group visit.

Recent visits have included trips off the usual track outside the Village, including Wadi Ara - the Northern Triangle, and Bedouin villages, Jerusalem - holy sights, the Supreme Court and meetings with key Arab and Jewish religious or political leaders.

Meals and accommodation are provided in the Village's 39-room Guesthouse. Each room has its own private area overlooking the beautiful natural landscape.

The visit shows how firmly Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam is anchored in the midst of the complex reality of the Israel - Palestine conflict and its effect upon relations between its own Jewish and Palestinian citizens.

For information on the next visit please contact us.

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