Oasis of Peace UK supports the Peace Education Programmes of Neve Shalom / Wahat al-salam.
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Welcome to Oasis of Peace UK

Oasis of Peace is the English translation of the name of Neve Shalom in Hebrew and Wahat al-Salam in Arabic - NSWaS

Oasis of Peace UK supports the Educational Institutions of NSWaS - a community of Jewish and Palestinian-Arab Israeli citizens, located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

NSWaS is a pioneering role-model for the many Palestinian-Arab/Jewish projects and for the growing number of Jewish/Palestinian-Arab primary schools.  At present there are six schools in Israel that follow the NSWaS model.

NSWaS stands as a Testament against Extremism; a living example of Equality between Jews and Palestinian-Arabs; Education for Peace and Shared Citizenship. 

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We occasionally lead visits to the Village (the next group visit is planned for 2019 - if you would like to be kept informed please register your interest by emailing us at However, if you would like to visit the Village on your own at another time, please let us know when you plan to go so we can ensure you will be met by a Village member.

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