"Oasis of Peace shows the way" | Rob Rinder MBE | 14th Annual Rueff Lecture | 2023

We are pleased to bring you the recording of Rob Rinder MBE Oasis of Peace UK 2023 Rueff Lecture Read more

Recorded zoom meeting with the Village

Even in these dark times, we struggle to remain hopeful for a future marked by true and just peace, where no innocent lives are lost to this avoidable conflict. We recognized that the hearts of so many people were with us during this period. To keep our friends and supporters informed we hosted a Zoom update meeting on November 2nd. We recorded for those who couldn't join. Read more

Chair of Trustees, Judge Laurence Brass in The Scotsman

In a recent article in The Scotsman, our Chair, Judge Laurence Brass, emphasized the importance of adopting a dual narrative approach considering the current events unfolding in the region.  Additionally, he presented a message of hope, highlighting the possibility of coexistence in Israel. Read more

A Message From Oasis Of Peace

Oasis of Peace UK is monitoring, and deeply concerned by the tragic and horrifying events unfolding in Israel and the Gaza Strip. We are in close touch with the Village and are pleased to confirm that the Village is not directly impacted by terrorist activity. We will continue to issue updates, and hope for a peaceful resolution. Read more

Enjoy Our New Summer Magazine

We are excited to share our latest magazine with you. Inside, you'll find some of the notable highlights and developments from the past six months for both our charity and our friends in the village of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam. You can view or download the magazine here. Enjoy! Read more

School's out for Summer!

School's out for Summer! The pupils of the Village’s primary school are here to tell you why they love studying there. Read more

2023 Oasis of Peace UK AGM

We are pleased to share with you our latest AGM report, which includes all the recent news from Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam, and updates on our efforts on behalf of our friends and colleagues there. Read more

Our Latest Magazine

I am delighted to share with you our latest newsletter, which includes all the recent news from Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam, and updates on our efforts on behalf of our friends and colleagues there. Read more

Recording of the 13th Annual Rueff Lecture with Baroness Hale

We are pleased to bring you the recording of Baroness Hale's Oasis of Peace UK 2022 Rueff Lecture Read more

Thank You, Kara

On May 26th, supporters enjoyed a splendid evening's entertainment from the amazing Kara Wilson. Read more

Village profiled in Jerusalem Post

Renowned writer and activist Gershon Baskin profiles the village in the Jerusalem Post Read more

Goodbye to Carmella, Welcome to Neama

We pay tribute to outgoing Primary School principal Carmella Ferber, and wish a very warm welcome to her successor Neama Abo Dalu Read more

Religious Leaders Course

Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam's latest pioneering initiative Read more

Rita Boulos on why the inter-group violence seen in Israel in May did not happen in NSWaS

Speaking to Ha'aretz, municipal chair Rita Boulos explains why decades of hard and painful work ensured that NSWaS remained entirely peaceful during the recent inter-group conflict in Israel. Read more

Samah and Roi on Radio 4

On Sunday morning our colleagues Samah Salaime and Roi Silberberg from Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam appeared on BBC Radio 4's flagship "Broadcasting House" programme. Read more

Statement from Rita Boulos on Recent Events in Israel-Palestine

We are pleased to bring you this statement on recent events from the chair of the municipal council. Read more

Primary School Students Ask For Peace

In the wake of a hugely distressing few days, Primary School students - both Arab-Palestinian and Jewish - today made their call for peace. Read more

News from Israel-Palestine

We are deeply concerned by the developing situations in Jerusalem, Gaza, and Southern Israel and call on all parties to exercise calm and restraint. As so often, the peaceful example of our friends and colleagues in Wahat al-Salam-Neve Shalom shows the way to a better future. Read more

Powerful Testimony from School for Peace Graduates at Ruppin Academic Center

Watch Noor and Omer, two graduates of the School for Peace university course, speak about the power of the course in changing their perspectives on the conflict and inspiring them to future action for peace. Read more

Tragic Events in Israel

We are deeply saddened by the truly tragic events at the Lag B'Omer festival in Israel. All our thoughts today are with the victims and their families. Read more