Donations can also be made via BACS to Account Number 00009488, Sort Code 40 52 40 (with "SfP Rebuild" as a payment reference) or by cheques made out to "British Friends of Neve Shalom" and sent to the office at 124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

The heartbreaking violence and suffering is beyond comprehension. There has never been a more crucial time than the present to champion the idea that peaceful coexistence, with equal rights and responsibilities, is attainable for all in Israel.

Since the tragic October 7th attacks by Hamas in Israel and the start of the distressing conflict in Gaza, we have all been glued to the news and watching on in dismay and sadness. The country is deeply divided, like never before. The need for an education that will help advance equality and human rights, democracy and civil society in Israel is urgent. The work of Neve-Shalom-Wahat al-Salam’s (Oasis of Peace) NSWAS Primary School assumes ever more importance. 

We are seeking social-psychological support for parents, children, and teachers amidst the current crisis brought on by the violent conflict. Our binational school, founded on peace promotion, faces unprecedented challenges. The parental community is deemed vital for our school's resilience. We envision our school community as three concentric circles: children at the core, educators in the middle, and parents on the periphery. Each plays a pivotal role, and disruptions affect the entire ecosystem. Amidst this crisis, enhancing the Parents' Community emerges as a crucial strategy. Whether Jewish fathers on reserve duty or Israeli-Palestinian mothers witnessing displacement, all are impacted by the conflict's toll. They share concerns about discussing the war with their children and have seen their faith in peace shaken. The primary goal of the Parents' Community is to foster a united front in supporting the school's binational ethos, educating their children within it, and reinforcing its message of peace and understanding as well as psychological support. 

Oasis of Peace stands as a testament against extremism; a living example of equality between Jews and Palestinian-Arabs; education for peace and shared citizenship.