Dear Friends,

Oasis of Peace UK is monitoring, and deeply concerned by the tragic and horrifying events unfolding in Israel and the Gaza Strip. We are in close touch with the Village and are pleased to confirm that the Village is not directly impacted by terrorist activity. We will continue to issue updates, and hope for a peaceful resolution.
Following this weekend’s escalation of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip, we are able to provide the following updates:

•            Thus far, the Village has not been targeted by any terrorist attacks or rocket fire

•            Given the volatility of the current situation, it has been decided to increase security measures. This is being provided by a contracted security company

•            All shelters in the Village have been opened and prepared for use. While we hope this is not the case, emergency measures have also been put in place. Young residents are also forming readiness groups

•            Schools are closed, and staff are receiving support from the Ministry of Education

•            Perhaps more than ever, these events reinforce the importance of the Village’s vision, and the work we undertake in support of it in the UK. We are particularly proud of everything the School of Peace has achieved and will achieve, and call on our friends to continue supporting it.
Best wishes,
Tal Arrowsmith

Executive Director