In the wake of a hugely distressing few days, Primary School students - both Arab-Palestinian and Jewish - today made their call for peace.

Their teacher Nadwa Jaber described how the staff dealt with the awful recent events. "This is a difficult time for us; yesterday we heard the sirens and today we held an open discussion with the children to allow them to express and share their feelings. The students were happy to talk about their experience in their home environment. In rounding up the discussion, we talked about the values of our school, and our role as ambassadors for peace and security. Let us hope for calmer days. A happy holiday to all who will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr."

The need for such discussions is a powerful reminder of the reality our Primary School students face. When they should be able to focus only on their studies and playing with their friends, they are instead confronted with the frightening reality of conflict. Their friends in the UK are thinking of them and sending them solidarity.