In the week beginning 14/12/20, community member Dr. Raid Haj Yehia made one of his regular visits to Gaza with "Physicians for Human Rights" and reported back on the desperate situation of Covid 19 patients there.

The area is suffering from a lack of basic equipment that can help patients with respiratory difficulties. In particular, there is a need for one piece of basic equipment, the Facial CPAP mask, which can provide relief for patients prior to the stage at which a full ventilator is required.

The village of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam is launching an appeal to collect money for the needed equipment. The cost of a Facial CPAP Mask is 350 Shekels ($110) per patient. There is an urgent need for at least 200 of these, so the village is attempting to raise $22,000.

It will purchase the masks through a Nablus company with which it has previously worked. The costs include transportation to Gaza. This would be a very significant, meaningful and life-saving present for COVID-19 sufferers in Gaza.

Those in the UK wishing to donate to this cause must donate directly to the village, not through Oasis of Peace UK. Details on how to donate can be found here.