Visiting Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam highlights just how anchored the region is in the complex reality of the Israel - Palestine conflict and its effect upon relations between its own Jewish and Palestinian citizens.

Come and see the community for yourself to meet the people and learn about the work.

If you would like to visit the community on your own at another time, please let us know when you plan to go so we can ensure you will be met by a community member.

Contact us at: [email protected]   


The community is ideally located for visitors who wish to use it as a centre from which to explore the country. It provides a welcoming place for people from all over Israel as well as other countries. Individuals and families enjoy its simple accommodation, swimming pool (open in the summer months) and walks in the surrounding countryside. Groups also use it for conferences and cultural and spiritual gatherings. Meals and accommodation are provided in the 39-room NSWaS Guesthouse. Each room has its own private area overlooking the beautiful natural landscape. 

Contact them at: [email protected]


Through a generous donation, NSWaS now has its own library and study centre.

The beautifully designed building is an outstanding facility for everyone; people within the village and also academics in Israel and globally.